Top 10 Reasons: Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Top 10 Reasons: Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Drinking Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Times have changed. Priorities change. Our lives simply change. And the whole non-alcoholic beverages category has changed, especially as it relates to craft beer. Read below to learn why more consumers are drinking non-alcoholic craft beer!

1. The Evolution of Breweries & Their Branding

Over the last 5-10 years the alcoholic craft beer movement has trended greatly. The branding, packaging and what each company stands for has made a big impact on the decisions we make before tasting the beers these breweries produce. Even when we take a look at the limited non-alcoholic beers on the market years ago the branding was not necessarily appealing to the eye, it didn’t seem “cool”, nor did it evoke any sort of excitement in wanting to drink it. But today, that has changed. There are more and more companies popping up worldwide dedicated to producing great tasting non-alcoholic craft beer with 0.0-0.5% alcohol content (ABV). There are even large multi-national brewers exploring this space and introducing non-alcoholic beer options.

As you’ll notice today amongst these various non-alcoholic craft beer options available, that perception is different as these brands have focused on creating a product or brand that resonates with their audience. The names are creative, logos are cool, the artwork or labelling on their cans is more exciting and every company within this category has a purpose to provide great tasting beers with the alcohol removed, while following this trending lifestyle movement.

2. They taste great!

For years, the non-alcoholic beer options available on the market were not just limited but were lacking the true beer flavor. However, if you fast forward to today, you will be incredibly surprised by the delicious flavor profiles available amongst these non-alcoholic beer options, especially when looking at the craft beer segment. With more companies jumping into this category, it breeds more competition and in turn, more innovation to produce craft beers and flavors that hit the diverse taste palates of the general consumer. The taste is no longer compromised! You can enjoy an IPA that tastes like a real IPA. You can have a sour that tastes like a real sour. Pilsners, blondes, stouts and more are available – you name it, and you can taste it. You need to try them to believe it!

3. Low Calories

With many health-conscious individuals out there, we are now paying attention to what we eat and drink. Generally speaking, the lower the calories, carbohydrates and sugars, the better we will feel mentally and physically.

The average amount of calories in an alcoholic beer is 150. With non-alcoholic craft beer it does vary from as low as 10 calories to under 100 calories, with the average being closer to 50 calories per drink!

4. Various Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to drinking non-alcoholic beverages, especially when compared to drinking beverages with alcohol. While alcohol may have its time and place, the risks and negative health issues can be high.

The benefits of a non-alcoholic beer compared to a beer with high alcohol content include hydration of the body, promotes better sleep, reduces anxiety and stress and improves your overall cardiovascular health.

There are even non-alcoholic craft beers on the market that are gluten free to providing vegan options. Another plus, with the alcohol removed, it will help you reduce those binge eating cravings!

5. You know the ingredients in your beer!

With non-alcoholic beer being treated as a consumer packaged good, you will notice that on the cans (or bottles) there are labels listing the ingredients.

There are several processes to producing a non-alcoholic beer; however, within these non-alcoholic craft beers you will notice they contain natural ingredients. To produce the beer flavor, ingredients include hops, yeast, barley, oats, wheat, and water.

Many non-alcoholic beers also contain lots of vitamins, minerals like folic acid, potassium, iron, and zinc!

6. Helps you reduce your drinking intake and/or as a replacement to alcohol

One thing you will notice when drinking non-alcoholic craft beer, is that it may actually help you reduce drinking alcoholic beers. With the flavor profiles being on point and tasting like the real thing, many people opt to drink the non-alcoholic options as opposed to an alcoholic beer. 

Also, as the category evolves and more and more consumers taste the options available to them, you may simply eliminate the alcoholic beers. There have been many reviews where customers have shared that they enjoy the non-alcoholic craft beer more than their once favorite alcoholic beer.

One trend that is helping many individuals ease into this non-alcoholic craft beer category is simply interchanging between their alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks.

7. It is a Movement and a Lifestyle

Did you know?

  • In 2020, the numbers show that non-alcoholic beer sales in the U.S. were up 38% in 2020!
  • The consumption of no and low alcoholic products is expected to increase 31% by 2024 across 10 markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the U.S. – these markets account for 75% of the global consumption of this category.

Before, drinking a non-alcoholic drink had a stigma, but now that has shifted. You can now “fit in” while being socially responsible, and career focused. There are lot of people are drinking non-alcoholic craft beer! People are drinking it and focusing on their health and well-being.

With more and more of the population concentrating on their health, happiness and well-being, this non-alcoholic craft beer (let alone the whole no and low alcoholic beverages category) is here to stay and projected to evolve over the years. With more responsibility required in our lives as an adult, this lifestyle movement works for many people whether they are a full-time parent, entrepreneur, athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or for other important reasons.

8. Support for the Industry, the Community and Entrepreneurs

With this particular category exploding as of late, not only does it support the non-alcoholic craft beer industry and those who consume this product (whether sober, sober-curious or for alternative reasons), you are also helping the craft breweries, small businesses and entrepreneurs who have built these brands and are committed to this lifestyle and their great tasting products.

9. No Hangovers!

Need we say more?

10. Last, but not least, you will be more productive.

Since these craft beers are alcohol free (low alcohol content; 0-0.5%), I think you can agree it is highly unlikely that you will feel the "affects" – hence no hangover.

If you are career focused, an entrepreneur, an active individual, an achiever, a parent and the list goes on - then productivity is an important word for you.

We at Not Wasted believe life is to be enjoyed, not wasted. Wake up fresh in the morning and take control of your days more clearly and effectively. To learn more about our story, visit here.

Another Bonus: Drink anytime. Anywhere. Any occasion.

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