Amanda Joy Gill - Helping People Live Happier and Healthier Lives

Amanda Joy Gill - Helping People Live Happier and Healthier Lives

Amanda Joy Gill - Helping People Live Happier and Healthier Lives from the Inside Out


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Who are you? What’s your story?

Amanda Joy Gill - Podcast Host, The Journey to Joy Podcast 

My story -  Chronic people pleasing perfectionist, over-worker, binge drinker turned mental health coach, wellness expert and non-drinker. Here's to 3 years sober!

2.     What do you do for fun?

My best moments include good friends, good food and great dance parties! These three things are usually associated with alcohol consumption but funny enough the joy and satisfaction I get from good times spent with good friends and good food has significantly heightened since dropping booze from my life just over three years ago. 

3.     What’s your perspective on non-alcoholic beverages?

In my opinion they taste better than alcoholic beverages, are just as satisfying and leave you without wasting precious time being hung over. 

4.     What is your relationship with alcohol? 

I used to drink. I didn't necessarily like the taste of alcohol but what I did like is the social engagements that usually came along with drinking. When I was 18 (or probably before that)  I began experimenting with alcohol. Going to parties with friends, jello shooters, tequila shots, shot-gunning beers, you know all the typical things most teenagers do when they are legally able to consume alcohol. My motives were always harmless. I was never addicted to alcohol but I did like to drink socially. Many times I found myself abusing alcohol and binge drinking. One drink out with friends sometimes led to 10 drinks and getting home at 2 in the morning, making bad decisions and waking up the next morning with a huge hang-over. This all led to a poor lifestyle and less than optimal health.  

Just over three years ago I stopped drinking. Just like that. Cold turkey. One day I woke up and decided it just wasn't for me any longer. I had wasted too much time drinking. 

I would say that my productivity, joy and purpose for living has increased exponentially since I gave up booze. I am 100% comfortable with my decision to drop booze from my life. It does sometimes get people asking me why I gave it up, but for the most part, people don't ask and frankly people don't care. I never feel the need to explain why I don't drink and most of my friends and family love that I don't drink because they know they always have a DD. :) 

5.     What do you love most about drinking NA beers or mocktails?

I love mocktails! They are refreshing, flavourful and satisfying. Usually beverages are used synonymously with celebrations and mocktails are the perfect solution to a non-alcoholic beverage for celebrating some of life's best moments. Mocktails are also a great solution to making other people feel less awkward when you're the only one without a beverage in your hand when the table says "cheers". 

6.     What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you and why is it important?  

Balance is something I've always been challenged with. I have always been an extremely busy person, trying to fill every last minute of my day with little to no down time. Ever since I was a child I was known to be in every extra curricular activity under the sun. Moving into my teens and early twenties I usually had three or four jobs, while going to university and sitting on various committees. I guess it is part of my personality but I've learned to slow down.

Balance has always been a struggle for me. I'm the person that if I have a cookie I eat half the box instead of just having one. Maybe my innate struggle with finding balance relates to why I used to be a binge drinker. Who knows!

Over the past five years, I've taught myself to have a more balanced lifestyle, schedule more white space into my calendar and relax a lot more. A balanced lifestyle to me means being productive AND enjoying life. Sometimes that looks like going to bed at 9:30 pm and waking up at 5:30am to make sure I get a workout in before I start my day. Sometimes that means having that big piece of chocolate cake (with no guilt) and staying up until 3 am in the morning. Life is meant to be enjoyed! I've learned that I am of no use to anybody or myself  if I'm burnt out. Balance is key! 

7.     What is your favorite non-alcoholic beer and/or favorite non-alcoholic mocktail?

I love the Clever Mocktails available on the Not Wasted site. My favorite is probably the Moscow Mule. 

8.     From your perspective where do you see this non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverage world going in the future?

I see it spreading like wildfire! Drinks are much of our culture and lifestyle. We all love gathering with people, socially and creating community in some way shape or form. Drinks traditionally have been what bring people together. And so they should! Come on, who doesn't like going for patio beers?! Now with non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages people can gather, socialize AND not be hung-over the next day.

I've also noticed the younger generations reaching for non-alcoholic beverages more over the traditional alcoholic beverages. I see the alcohol-free beverage culture growing significantly in the future. 

9.     Any tips or ideas related to this category that you can give to someone who is not familiar with NA options?

There are many non-alcoholic versions of typical cocktails. Usually it just involves asking your server. They are happy to accommodate you at a restaurant. If you're shopping on your own, Not Wasted carries a huge selection of non-alcoholic beverages that taste very similar, if not better, than the same alcoholic version.  

10.     Any last comments, thoughts, tips or suggestions?

Giving up alcohol doesn't always happen overnight and it's not always easy. Give yourself time to adopt new non-alcoholic habits. Perhaps start with a dry January. If you like the way an alcohol free lifestyle makes you feel. Continue.



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