Derek Pang - Yogi, Podcaster, Speaker and Coach

Derek Pang - Yogi, Podcaster, Speaker and Coach

Derek Pang - Yogi, Podcaster, Speaker, Coach




1. Who are you? What’s your story?

I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Yogi, podcasterspeaker and coach on a mission to UPLIFT, INSPIRE and EMPOWER others by awakening their understanding and awareness of CHOICE, the last of the human freedoms and our most powerful change-making tool. I lead by example on my mission to awaken consciousness, a journey which begins with oneself. I practice and advocate for a holistic approach to total human wellness and prioritize my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual optimization.

2. What do you do for fun?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Yoga, host the Welcome To The Winners Circle podcast.

3. What’s your knowledge on non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverages? 

I am grateful for the option of non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverages.

4. What is your relationship with alcohol? 

I seldom drink alcohol, if at all.

5. What do you love most about drinking NA beers or mocktails?

No hangovers, therefore more time to enjoy and make the most out of life.

6. What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you and why is it important?  

To me, a balanced lifestyle means a bringing together of DOING and BEING in the infinite Now, in steady alignment with love, peace and joy.

7. What is your favorite non-alcoholic beer and/or favorite non-alcoholic mocktail?

Quatreau Passionfruit & Guava, with 20 mg of CBD, is a satisfying and delightful choice.

8. From your perspective where do you see this non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverage world going in the future?

I hope more people choose to explore the non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverage market because our world could use more clear headed people and leaders of positive change.

9. Any tips or ideas related to this category that you can give to someone who is not familiar with NA options?

Give it a try!!! There’s nothing to lose, except a whole lot of calories by choosing an alternate to alcohol.

10. Any last comments, thoughts, tips or suggestions?

LOVE. LOVE. And more LOVE.  For the self, for others, and for all.




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