Hafiz Mitha - PlayCity

Hafiz Mitha - PlayCity

Hafiz Mitha - Founder of "PlayCity"

PlayCity is a free app that connects you with others who are interested in the same activities. Find your best match based on skill level, availability, and facility membership. Discover events, facilities, and locations relevant to you.

Website: https://www.playcityapp.com/

Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/playcityapp/


1.     Who are you? What’s your story?

My name is Hafiz Mitha and I am a born and raised Calgarian. I've spent most of my life here except for a short stint in SE Asia with a previous company that I co-founded. Today, I run PlayCity - a platform that was created to help people connect through play, using tech - offline. In short, we help people who want to be active find buddies who are in the same skill level, want to play the same activity, and fit their schedule. Think of PlayCity like a dating app but for activity buddies. My goal in life is to add value to the community I am in and I really enjoy bringing people from different backgrounds together. 

2.     What do you do for fun?

I love to be active. Biking, tennis, softball, hockey, badminton, hiking - anything that requires me to move my body, I am there. To chill out I enjoy cooking as it really seems to ease my mind. 

3.     What’s your knowledge of non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverages? 

My knowledge isn't very deep on non-alcoholic beverages but I am happy that the Not Wasted site is around to help me taste a variety of options. I used to love hanging out on patios of craft breweries or bars that served a variety so this is a great alternative. 

4.     What is your relationship with alcohol? 

My relationship with alcohol is pretty much non-existent now. As of November 1, 2019 I have only had a half glass of champagne at my friend's wedding where I was the best man. Prior to me making the decision that alcohol was no longer serving me, I would be drinking a few times a week and really find any opportunity to indulge. Celebrations, tough times, soft ball, hockey games, BBQs - you name it, I was bringing beer or some sort of scotch. On top of abusing it, certain types of alcohol would really affect my breathing as I was allergic to certain types so my sleep would be adversely affected. 

5.     What do you love most about drinking NA beers or mocktails?

You get sick of drinking sparkling waters or club sodas. I love the fact that I get to scratch that itch with a tasty "beer" and walk away after a couple, drive home with no issue and still get up early in the morning to take advantage of my days. I hate the fact that I spent a lot of my weekends being hungover. My life is completely different without alcohol in it. I am a much more productive human being now than I ever was before. 

6.     What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you and why is it important?  

Any extreme isn't sustainable. I feel like I can still be active, drink socially and get my sleep as that is my number one priority. A balanced lifestyle to me means filling all cups - physically, mentally, spiritually, and most of being able to give back to your community. 

7.     What is your favorite non-alcoholic beer and/or favorite non-alcoholic mocktail?

I used to drink a lot of Heinekin and I find their non-alcoholic version is spot on. From a craft perspective, the Fehr is a great beer. I don't do mocktails - but if I can find a good old-fashioned alternative, I would try that. I try to limit my sugar intake so finding things that aren't so sweet is a struggle. 

8.     From your perspective where do you see this non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverage world going in the future?

I believe that this industry is set to explode. More and more people today are taking stock of their lives and realizing that alcohol, being so normalized, isn't really that beneficial for people's lives. As an entrepreneur, being on, motivated, productive, emotionally stable are all things that I really take seriously and booze affected all of them. 

9.     Any tips or ideas related to this category that you can give to someone who is not familiar with NA options?

Sample some beers and find what works. What I love about the industry today is that there are so many options that really mirror your preferences. I used to drink a lot of IPA's and ambers, which I can find on the site now. 

10.     Any last comments, thoughts, tips or suggestions?

Find your balance. There isn't a one-size-fits all but take the time and ask yourself the honest questions regarding booze and if it is serving you. Do that same thing with sugar, sleeping late, what you are reading etc. Your inputs determine your outputs - choose wisely. 



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