Jordan & Rachel - So Over It Shop

Jordan & Rachel - So Over It Shop

Jordan & Rachel - Founders of "So Over it"

So Over It is a Luxury Consignment store. So Over It offers pre-loved, luxury brands for purchase.


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1.     Who are you? What’s your story?

We are Rachel and Jordan, the owners behind So Over It Luxury Consignment. We started So Over It in 2017 when we saw a need in Winnipeg for access to luxury brands. We then quickly became enthralled with the sustainable fashion movement and aimed to contribute as much as we could to the circular fashion model. 

2.     What do you do for fun?

When we are not in the store you will catch us outside biking or hanging in the  backyard! We love boxing and spin class, spending time at the lake and travelling.

3.     What’s your perspective on non-alcoholic beverages?

This past year we found that as our business grew and the busier we became the less time (and tolerance) we had for alcohol and started to search out non alcoholic options. We realized that it is really the tradition of grabbing a cold beverage or making a cool cocktail after work that is what we enjoy, not so much the effects that we were feeling from the alcohol. With more of our friends becoming like minded we are always trying to find new non alcoholic options. 

4.     What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you and why is it important?

As business owners, a balanced lifestyle means everything to us. Between juggling the ins and outs of the store to growing our families we have to work hard to fit in workouts and personal life which as you can imagine leaves very little time for hangovers! Having access to delicious non alcoholic options has made happy hour a game changer for us. 

5.     What do you love most about drinking NA beers or mocktails?

There are so many great tasting options now for NA beers and spirits that if you shared one with a non assuming friend they would probably have no clue it was non alcoholic. There is such cool branding and variety it is just as fun to pick out your beers as it would be if they were not NA. For sure the best part of bringing over a 6 pack of NA beers to a friend's house on a Friday night is the ease of getting up for your 8 am spin class next morning sans headache.. haha!

6.    From your perspective where do you see this non-alcoholic/alcohol-free beverage world going in the future?

So many of our friends are now drinking less alcohol and working harder to maintain a balanced lifestyle. We think that with more NA options and all the new brands popping up the non alcoholic world is just getting started and we are so excited to see more brands and companies popping up. 

7.     Any tips or ideas related to this category that you can give to someone who is not familiar with NA options?

For cocktails especially, you can get so creative and there are so many recipes online so try different things out, it’s really half the fun!


JUNE 2021

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