5 Easy Non-Alc. Cocktail Basics With Seedlip

5 Easy Non-Alc. Cocktail Basics With Seedlip

How do you mix drinks with a non-alcoholic spirit? Channel your inner bartender with these simple tips to boost your cocktail making abilities from Seedlip, the original distilled non- alcoholic spirit.

  1. Start with Seedlip as a NA Spirit Base
Use Seedlip as a base to provide layers and complexity to your cocktail. This is the main element of your drink, so pick an expression that will highlight flavours you enjoy.
Grove 42 is citrus-forward & vibrant, Spice 94 is rich & aromatic and Garden 108 is fresh & herbaceous.
  1. Use Quality Mixers & Ingredients

Seedlip is meant to be mixed, and working with other quality cocktail ingredients makes all the difference. This can be as simple as adding a splash of premium Tonic water or kombucha to Seedlip over ice or getting more creative with craft cocktails using fresh citrus juice, herbs and healthier sweeteners like honey or agave syrup.

  1. Ice, Ice Baby

Ice to a bartender is like a flame to a chef! Fill a glass to the top with cubed ice so your drink doesn’t dilute as quickly. If you’re shaking a Seedlip drink, do so for 5 seconds to chill and mix since non-alcoholic cocktails don’t require much dilution.

  1. Garnishes

A twist of citrus peel, sprigs of fresh herbs (we like mint or rosemary) or a slice of seasonal fruit are functional garnishes that will enhance the aroma and presentation of your cocktail, adding to the overall sipping experience.

  1. Keep it Simple

Start with a simple recipe like the Grove 42 Highball below and then experiment with different techniques like shaking or muddling to perfect your skills. Happy mixing!

2 oz Seedlip Grove 42
Top w/ Fever-Tree Light Tonic
Garnish with an Orange slice

 Method: Combine ingredients in a tall glass full of ice. Stir & garnish with an Orange slice.


Perfectly Refreshing Summer Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Whether for mid-day refreshment or end-of-day relaxation, these non-alcoholic Seedlip cocktails pair perfectly with blue skies & the summer sun.

Elevate any garden party, outdoor picnic or backyard brunch experience with these fresh summer cocktails.

Garden 108 East Side

Seedlip garden 108: 2 oz Simple syrup*: ¾ oz Fresh lime juice: ½ oz Cucumber slices: 3
Mint leaves: 5 Ice: cubed for shaking
Garnish: cucumber ribbon Glass: coupe glass
Muddle cucumber slices & mint leaves in a cocktail shaker Add garden 108, simple syrup & lime juice to the shaker with ice
Shake & double strain into a coupe Garnish with a cucumber ribbon
*simple syrup: mix one part water to one part sugar


Grove 42 Margarita

Seedlip grove 4: 2 oz Agave syrup: 1 tbsp Fresh lime juice: ½ oz Ice: cubed
Garnish: salt rim, lime wheel
Glass: tumbler
Run a lime wedge around the outside of the rim of the glass then roll the rim in salt Add all the ingredients with ice to a cocktail shaker
Shake & strain over fresh cubes of ice into a tumbler Garnish with a lime wheel

Spice 94 PaNOma

Seedlip spice 94: 2 oz Fresh grapefruit juice: 1 oz Fresh lime juice: ½ oz Simple syrup*: ½ oz
Club soda: 3 oz Ice: cubed
Garnish: grapefruit peel Glassware: tall
Add all the ingredients except the club soda to a cocktail shaker Shake & strain into a highball glass
Top with soda and add fresh cubes of ice Garnish with a grapefruit peel
*simple syrup: mix one part water to one part sugar

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