Sober Carpenter - How To Make Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Sober Carpenter - How To Make Non-Alcoholic Beer?

How to make non-alcoholic beer?

You should know that the production of non-alcoholic beer is very similar to that of alcoholic beers and they contain the same ingredients (malt, hops, yeast, water, etc.). There are then three different ways to extract the alcohol.
The first method is to remove as much alcohol as possible by evaporating the ethanol (alcohol). The Ethanol evaporates from 78.5 ° C. So before bottling the beer and once the fermentation has taken place, the beer is brought up to 80 ° C for 30 minutes in order to evaporate a maximum of the ethanol contained in the drink.
It is also possible to use a more technical process that takes place when the beer is filtered, by adding a membrane to keep the ethanol from passing through. This method is much more expensive because it requires special equipment and is rarely used by microbreweries.
Finally, the third method consists in limiting the production of alcohol. This is the one we use at Sober Carpenter. In order to do that, we have to stop the fermentation of the sugar in the beer into alcohol before it becomes alcohol. Very often, those beers are sweeter because the sugar has not been processed by the yeasts. This is the challenge and the technicality of this method, not making the beer too sweet while keeping a real good taste of craft beer. And we think we succeeded... (in all humility of course!) ;) We will unfortunately not disclose the details of our secret recipe... :p

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